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Aligners Club Smile Kit
Aligners Club Smile Kit

Looking to improve your smile with clear aligners? Join our Aligners Club! For just $199/month you can have the best smile of your life.

Begin with a 3D scan (no gooey mess!) of your mouth performed in our office under the supervision of our professional dental team. We will assess if you're a great candidate for our Aligners Club.

3D scans are a safe and faster alternative to impression molds that won't result in unpleasant taste or gagging. Our staff will easily scan your teeth that won't result in a mess! There is virtually no wait time and you can be in and out within a matter of minutes.

3D scans are more accurate than impression molds meaning your treatment time can be shorter and more effective.

Book your 3D scan of your smile now by calling our office or using the schedule tool below with entering your preferred appointment date and time.

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